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Who We Are

Choice in Health Clinic is a non-profit clinic with a community-based board of directors. The Clinic, which opened its doors in 1988, is licensed and fully funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, as an Independent Health Facility. This means that we operate under special standards developed for abortion care. These are enforced through regular inspections by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. We are also members of the National Abortion Federation (NAF), the largest abortion provider organization on the continent. NAF provides continuing education to staff at member clinics, as well as support for many clinic operations. As members we also adhere to NAF standards for abortion care.

Choice in Health Clinic complies with all Ministry of Health and Long Term Care guidelines regarding infection control, including special precautions for infectious diseases, as mandated for community-based care facilities.

client feedback

"The staff was incredible and made a difficult situation bearable for me. I found myself smiling and very comfortable around such charismatic and caring people. They turned it into an experience I look back on with no regrets."

Statement of Purpose

Choice in Health Clinic is a not-for-profit abortion clinic run by women who provide safe, quality, comprehensive abortion services.

We treat all women and trans* people in a non-judgmental and respectful way.

We support people's right to make informed choices about their own reproductive health.

Our model of care integrates counselling into the provision of abortion services and attempts to meet women's and trans* men's various needs.

As part of our commitment to informed choice, we educate clients about reproductive health care, work with other health care professionals to improve the provision of reproductive health care, advocate for abortion service and client needs, and reach out to related agencies and communities.

Good to know

"We are the only 100% non-profit abortion clinic in Ontario! This means we can focus on you and your care, not on money."

Statement of Values

Choice in Health Clinic strives to develop and deliver services in a feminist environment, which we understand to be:

  • woman-centred
  • responsive, caring and non-judgmental
  • lesbian, bisexual, gay, and trans positive
  • respectful of and knowledgeable about trans* men's and intersex people's health needs
  • respectful of and knowledgeable about differing spiritual needs and practices
  • conscious of the impact of race, class and gender identity on our lives.

We are committed to challenging our own thinking and dismantling systemic barriers that might limit access to safe and quality abortion services. Some of the barriers we have identified relate to issues of race, culture, religion, class, sexual orientation, physical ability, gender identity, intersex status, body size, age, immigration status, and nationality.

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