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Anyone who comes to our clinic for an abortion has a meeting with a counsellor before the procedure. The counsellor will try to make sure that you are voluntarily choosing to have an abortion, based on accurate information.

client feedback

"All of the staff, right from the beginning to recovery, were friendly and supportive. I appreciated the easiness and lightheartedness /humour, which made the whole experience much easier and less stressful."

Decision/pregnancy options counselling

If you want to talk to someone before you make a decision, you can make an appointment for decision counselling only. Decision counselling is free, with or without an Ontario Health Card.

An experienced, non-judgmental, non-directive counsellor will help you look at your life situation, values, hopes, support system, plans for education, career, relationship, spiritual and religious concerns. She will offer printed resources to read, and exercises to take away with you, to assist in making the decision. The counsellor will make any referrals that interest you, including parenting or adoption supports, legal assistance, etc.

Please see Contact Us for contact information.

Post abortion counselling

Anyone who has had an abortion (at any clinic or hospital) is welcome to come to us for post abortion counselling.

We can offer a maximum of three post abortion counselling sessions.

All post abortion counselling sessions are free, whether or not you have an Ontario Health Card.

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